What our Agents are saying

Bernadine and her team at Contract to Close took my business as a realtor to the next level! 

I’ve been in the business for 10 years and sell about 50 homes a year. I was very good at paperwork and follow up (or so I thought) and then after trying Contract to Close, I quickly realized they were better than me at managing each transaction. Nothing slips through the cracks and all my current and past clients enjoy working with the dedicated contract to close team. I will never close a transaction ever again without Bernadine and her team working the transaction. PLUS… I now sleep 1-2 hours more a day because I’m no longer paper pushing and following up with all parties on a transaction constantly. Thank you Contract to Close for allowing me to give my clients better service and allowing me to now have the time to grow my business and do more deals!

Alex Platt

The Platt Group
 Compass Florida LLC

We cannot say enough about the team at Contract To Close Solutions. 

We have been with them from the very beginning when it was just Bernadine Jones on her own. To say she made running our business easier would be a huge understatement. We never realized the stress it would relieve for us until our first deal. We have not looked back since. Their professionalism, commitment and attention to detail ensures our transactions flow smoothly. Not only are they an amazing team but wonderful people. We are honored to work alongside them and to call them our very good friends.

Dave Magua

 Dave Magua Group

I highly recommend Bernadine to anyone searching for the best transaction coordinator out there.

Bernadine worked for my company Moyna Properties for many years as a transaction and listing coordinator. Her organization and people skills were top notch. Anyone who knows me knows I have a really really hard time delegating and trusting others to get it done right. Bernadine showed me that there are those that can do it as well as, and often better than me. I highly recommend Bernadine to anyone searching for the best transaction coordinator out there.

Dawn Moyna

Moyna Properties Inc.

The Contract to Close team has helped me so much to grow my business.

 They give me peace of mind by completing their checklist to ensure the transaction is going smoothly. When I am on the road they are my right hand to help me get a signature or follow up on an item a client asks about. I highly recommend you use them! They are my back bone!

Jessica Englert

Lang Realty

These guys are amazing!

Always respectful and pleasant whenever I need help with the transaction and very easy to contact. The best part is they always stay ahead of any issues by making sure that I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do to have a smooth closing. Everybody should take advantage of their amazing service so that you can focus on generating more transactions while they focus on all the distracting details that go into a transaction from beginning to end.

Steve Cassidy

The Keyes Company
Dave magua group

As a new agent starting out in the industry, it was imperative to surround myself with a team of the best and most knowledgeable professionals around. Bernadine and the rest of the team at Contract to Close is just that and so much more! 

They seamlessly assimilate into not just our transactions but the entire ethos of our business model, becoming that extension of service, professionalism, and care that our clients have grown to expect and deserve. They are an added layer of security that keeps everyone on track, moving along to a smooth closing, allowing us as agents to focus on what we do best...helping people get into homes. It is my firm belief that to give real service you must add something which cannot be bought with money and that is sincerity and integrity, this above all else is what sets the team at Contract to Close above the rest. Thank you Contract to Close we could not do what we do without you.

Brendan Bhim

 The Jamie Seneca Real Estate Team

Bernadine and the entire team at Contract To Close Solutions are hands down exactly what every realtor needs when going under contract.

As a fairly new agent in the business, I anticipated starting out slowly with only a transaction here and there. Instead things have gotten crazy, and it's such a relief to know that I have Contract To Close Solutions there for me, and also for my client through every single milestone. As any realtor knows, not every transaction is a smooth one: there's always a bump or two on the road to closing... some are bigger than others. However, thanks to Bernadine and her team, my clients have NO idea there are any hurdles to jump through, and that's because of Contract To Close's incredible professionalism and hustle to keep everything aligned and ready for close behind the scenes!

So if you're in the need of a team that not only has YOUR back, but also is there for your client just as much as you are... then you need to reach out to Bernadine and the team at Contract To Close Solutions!

Bryan Carstensen

The jamie seneca real estate team

The time they save me allows me to lead gen at a much more productive level. 

I have been working with Bernadine for over 2 years now and I have her and her team on each and every transaction I do. Why? The time they save me allows me to lead gen at a much more productive level. The more important thing is Bernadine has so much experience. She is my security blanket. I know when I give that contract to Bernadine, I have that extra level of knowledge and expertise on my side which is a huge value to my clients. Can't thank her enough for what she has done to help my business.

John Oliver

Premier Brokers International Inc.

I couldn't ask for a better group of ladies to trust the Heroic Real Estate files to!

I have been working with Contract to Close Solutions since their inception. They always provide me with prompt service and keep me organized as a busy real estate broker and mortgage loan originator. Better yet, when we hit the inevitable speed bump or the proverbial ball is dropped, Bernadine and her team ALWAYS take immediate ownership and fix the problem. Thank you for all that you do for me!

Bruce Warzoha

Heroic Real Estate

Contract to Close Solutions LLC is the only company I'd trust to handle my contracts for me.

Bernadine and her team are the absolute best at what they do! They handle every bit of the administrative side of the real estate transaction, making it possible for me to be more available for my clients. I appreciate their professionalism, organizational skills, communication and understanding of what goes into every transaction. They are the absolute best and if you’re looking for a transaction coordinator then look no further.

Mary Banatte

The mandel team

I truly consider this company to be part of my team and highly recommend them.

Contract to Close Solutions has provided amazing expertise with transaction coordination services. Huge "shout out" to the team that is such a delight and makes my job easy!

Grettie Sutton

Lang Realty

As a realtor and asset manager, Contract to Close Solutions has been my "go to" closing coordinator for several years.

Bernadine and her team have consistently performed above and beyond my expectations closing some of the most difficult deals across the country!

Michael Thompson

Endurance Capital management llc

My clients LOVE Bernadine and her team, and it makes the process a much better one! I couldn't do my job without them.

Bernadine and her team have changed my business for the better! I am a full time realtor and working with Bernadine has allowed me to grow my business to no end. They handle all of my files from contract to closing and are SO on top of everything. Not only do they follow the motions of getting to the closing table, but they are problem solvers and are one step ahead of everyone else. Bernadine has brought issues to my attention that I wouldn't have been able to pick up on my own.

Michelle Mandel

the mandel team
re/max advisors

Work with Contract to Close Solutions! You will not regret it!

It is a pleasure working with Bernadine at Contract to Close solutions. She is very organized, helpful and a professional in her field! If you are looking for someone to get the job done - work with Contract to Close Solutions! You will not regret it!

Stacey Smith

Endurance Capital management llc

Absolutely awesome people to work with!

Been working with them for years and they have helped me so much close all of the real estate transactions that I do!
Highly Recommend them!

Mike Brown

Heroic Homebuyers
heroic construction

The additional eyes, attention, and awareness they provide to each transaction is invaluable.

Bernadine and the rest of the team at Contract to Close are incredibly professional and so responsive. I feel as though the additional eyes, attention and awareness they provide to each transaction is invaluable.

Lisa Wennick

Douglas elliman real estate

Thorough, reliable, knowledgeable and respectful.

Bernadine is thorough, reliable, knowledgeable and respectful. She gets the job done right!

Kim Guarino

title processor
ktitle company

The whole team is amazing and very responsive.

Love working with Contract to close Solutions. The whole team is amazing and very responsive.

Elena Carissimo

lang realty