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Bernadine brings passion, perfection and dedication to her craft and has created an unparalleled reputation for herself in the real estate industry. When her name is connected to your transaction, you can be guaranteed a successful and painless closing with the best possible outcome.

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Michelle Fetes is a seasoned project manager with extensive experience, and is a part of our cast of stellar Transaction Coordinators responsible for the overall organization, leadership, and processing of listings and transactions. No stranger to crazy deadlines and hundreds of details, Michelle has developed and managed complex projects and contracts, from inception to completion. This experience and her ability to wear a variety of “hats,” combined with her superpower of complex multitasking, makes her one of our most valuable team players.  

ASST. Transaction Coordinator

Meet Navy Veteran and Assistant Transaction Coordinator Terra Lathrop. Terra’s meticulous attention to detail and her ability to make us all drop and do twenty when our hair is standing on end is invaluable to our team. Terra keeps us all motivated and organized and has over 15 years of experience managing, supervising, and instructing diverse professionals. She is a born leader and a wizard at efficiently prioritizing multiple transactions. Terra is a dog lover and has a rescue dog Brier. 


Rachel Lerner works closely with the team to grow our brand and assist our Transaction Coordinators in day-to-day operations. Rachel has a thirst for knowledge and an unprecedented drive that has compelled her to simultaneously pursue both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Marketing at the University of Florida. In her spare time Rachel loves to attend live rock concerts and bake delicious desserts for her family and friends. 


Andy Mandel

We run a small team, do about 100 deals per year, and have been using Contract to Close Solutions for a few months now since we recently discovered their company. As you can imagine, we are extremely busy, but Contract to Close Solutions has been a lifeline for us. They take care of all the paperwork and minutia involved in the real estate transaction and take that off our plate. No more worrying about getting escrow letters, making sure addendums are signed timely, appraisals are back in, loan commitments, etc. The savings of our time helps us grow our business and focus our efforts where they are most dollar productive showing and selling properties. Thank you, Bernadine and your entire team, for all of your hard work on our files! You are an integral part of our team, and we look forward to growing with you!

Contract to Close has been a lifeline for us.

RE/MAX Advisors
The MaNdel Team


Allyson Sullivan

I am a long time realtor and major control freak. It typically takes a while for someone to earn my trust enough to give up my some control of my deals. Well.. I must say, Contract to Close Solutions has exceeded my expectations, within a few months I felt comfortable to have them handle ALL of my transactions. I have been using CTCS for a few years now and my business has grown as a result. I have more time to elevate and grow my business. I joke that every deal is a party, because the staff at CTCS is full of positive energy and sunshine! I am beyond satisfied with their services, and my only regret was waiting so long to start using them!!!

Bernadine Jones and her crew have truly changed my business for the better!

RE/MAX Advisors
The Jamie Seneca Real Estate Team

Jamie Seneca, P.A.

I was introduced to Bernadine and Contract to Close Solutions about 2.5 years ago. I am so incredibly thankful to have met them and the team. As transaction coordinators with an incredible amount of real estate experience, they are an integral part of our team. A true weight has been lifted off our shoulders knowing they can skillfully handle every aspect from going under contract to closing. They allow us to focus on generating more business, and the day to day stress of our real estate transactions is minimized by their incredible follow up, keeping track of important contract deadlines, drafting addendums, extensions, and always going above and beyond to get our contracts to the closing table. I can’t thank Contract to Close Solutions enough, and if you have been considering transaction coordination for your real estate business you should strongly consider Bernadine & the team. They have been a game changer for us and our team and we are incredibly thankful for them.

I am so incredibly thankful to have met them and the team.